linkbuilding workshops

If you have an in-house team (or even just one person) to do your blog content or work on your digital marketing strategy you may want to consider hosting an ‘Off-Site SEO Workshop’. Your employee may be doing a great job in technical SEO or in writing awesome content, but if no one knows about your website, you are not going to get any natural links. Why is that? Because no one beside you and your team has any idea that you have got some amazing content. 

And why are links from other websites so important for your website? 

Ever since the Penguin update from Google, link building in SEO became one of the top ranking factors, and many SEO specialists will argue that it might even be the most important one. To make it as simple as possible – the more external links you have that point to your website (that are relevant to your industry), the higher your own website’s authority will be. And the higher website’s authority will mean better position on search engines results. 

So, how can I help you with your link building strategy?


These workshops are very much along the lines of ‘Done With You’ learning, where instead of me working alone to complete a specific project on your behalf, I work alongside your team so they too learn how to have a successful link building campaign. I will show them all the steps they need to take to build natural links to your website and finally get you all the visibility you deserve. 

Call it ‘on the job training with a lot of supervision!’

These workshops can be held online (via a platform like Skype or Zoom), or at your premises where I can take either part or your entire team through most successful link building strategies that will not cost you even a penny.

During the live workshops we will cover both the outreach strategy and the link building tactics with the outcome being your team transition into your in-house digital marketing specialists. 

Drop me a note if you want to discuss it further.