Work With Me

Content Strategy

Once upon a time a website could just get away with adding lots of keywords in order to be found on the search engines, but times have changed…

Today, in addition to keywords, search engines such as Google and Bing are also looking at the quality of the content, and the amount of value someone searching receives when they go to that website.

As your trusted content strategist, I will advise you on the type of content that will generate leads and increase your sales, but also help you get found through organic search.

Visibility Coaching

With social media going from strength to strength there have never been so many opportunities to showcase your business online than there are today.

And while I do believe that the internet provides a tremendous ‘shop window’ for you, sometimes it is difficult to know where to start, and which platforms will provide you with the biggest return on your investment.

My visibility coaching is tailored to you, where together, we work out the best social media networks you are both comfortable using and that will deliver the best results for what you are looking to promote and sell.

Link Building Strategy

Many websites look great but if not enough people actually get to see it, then what is the point? 

You must have a strategy in place to bring traffic to your webpages, and you have the option of spending lots of money on paid advertising that may or may not work…

Or you could consider letting me put a link building strategy in place for you where we work on creating quality articles and visual content that you then submit to other sites.

Those will provide a crucial link back to your own webpages, and Google will reward you for being relevant with your content, giving you higher rankings on its search results.   


If you have an in-house team to do your marketing you may want to consider hosting a ‘Off-Site SEO Workshop’.

These workshops are very much along the lines of ‘Done With You’ learning, where instead of me working alone to complete a specific project on your behalf, I work alongside your team so they too learn how to do the particular marketing assignment.

Call it ‘on the job training with a lot of supervision!’

These workshops can be held online (via a platform like Skype or Zoom), or at your premises where I can take either part or your entire team through any of the services provided by me.

During the live workshops we can cover both the strategy and the tactics from your choice of SEO, Visibility and Link Building, with the outcome being your team transition into being your in-house digital marketing specialists.