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10 Influencer Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

As a small business owner there never seems to be enough hours in a day to do everything you need to do, let alone have enough money to finance it!

But despite the long hours and limited budget as a small biz owner, you have as much of an opportunity (if not more), than the bigger budgeted companies to position yourself as an influencer.

Here are 10 ways you can do that…

1) Pick a category and own it

Find the niche within a niche, and an offering on the back of that niche so you can look a potential client in the eye and say: “I’m the only one who does this.”

And don’t force it – sometimes your natural ability will help you find your ‘lane’. In my case, it was combining journalism with digital marketing.

2) Identify your audience

As the saying goes: “you don’t have to appeal to everyone, but you must appeal to someone.”

 Who do you want to be a hero to?

Take time to identify the audience you wish to serve. It will be some of the most productive time you ever spend.

3) Publish Baby Publish

You have an insane number of options to spread your message and provide tremendous goodwill to your target audience. Create valuable content frequently, consistently and with the mindset that whoever comes into contact with you, will be better off regardless of whether they buy from you.

4) Choose Your Platform and own it

But you also only have a finite amount of time so don’t try to be everywhere.

Instead find one (two at a stretch) platforms to distribute your valuable info, and make no apologies for going large on those platforms only.

5) Tell Stories…

Customers and clients love vulnerability as they see many of the same stories of struggle in themselves. Instead of trying to mirror the large companies with larger budgets, bring the marketing narrative in the way of storytelling and the fact that you are very much like your prospect.

6) Work on a Bootstrap Budget

It breaks my heart to see small businesses feeling they need to look the part to get a customer.
If you focus on the first 5 tips, you will be able to keep your brand building costs down, and only spend marketing money as you acquire and retain customers .

7) Talk about relevant topics

Let’s be honest, reading the news can be really depressing at times…

But reading and reporting stuff relevant to your industry really can position you as your target audience’s eyes and ears. The authority they turn to when they need trusted information and perspective.

8) Post on the Influencer Trifecta

People tend to go to Linkedin, Quora or Medium to find the experts.

So it makes sense to post on one or all of those free platforms…

Just make sure your posts include links back to your website.

9) Call out the charlatans

Let me be clear that it is not about naming and shaming certain companies and individuals…

But if you want to be seen as an influencer, you need to voice your opinion about what is bad about things and practices in your industry.

Lay it on a bit thick and then offer to be the one to clean things up.

Provided you are able to back up your claims and promises, this can be one of the most powerful forms of influencer marketing you can do.

10) Get others to speak about you

Simple right?

Testimonials, case studies for good work you have already done can go a long way to establishing your reputation and authority.

Best of all, it is in the words of others and not you!

Go forth and influence…

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